Tuesday, January 24, 2017

New Product Highlights and a bit of a Journal Challenge

Jane Davenport's
The Butterfly Effect System

Jane's Display at the American Crafts booth 
at CHA2017 in Phoenix

I happened upon Jane Davenports new line of traveler type notebooks and accessories while perusing Michael's the other day. I've followed Jane Davenport over the years, so this immediately caught my attention. While at CHA2017 I made sure to get by the American Crafts Booth to review all that was available in her line. I see a lot of potential here for items for The Traveler's Box.

I chose the Mermaid Cover  

The TN (Traveler's Notebook) or Butterfly Effect Book as Jane calls it, comes in four varieties: There is a blank (ready for you to design) and three Jane designed options available. They are made out of a canvas like fabric that seems higher in polyester. The book is 5" x 8 11/16" and comes with one insert that is 4" x 8" in size. So these are slightly smaller than a personal sized insert. There are two bands available in the notebook. The insert has no cover and is made out of thicker smooth cardstock. It has the weight of a mixed media paper but not the tooth. It is made out of 4 sheets so there are 8 double sided pages. The pockets are plastic and come in a set of four. The outside is a Jane design and the inside is a matching color and is transparent. Each pocket folder has a pocket on the front and a pocket on the back.

This is one of the pocket designs slid over a personal size insert so you can see the difference in size.

I had recently signed up for the Planner Squad's Journal Challenge and thought this was a great excuse to try out her new line. The first step of the challenge was to pick out what type of journal you'd be using. Whether it would be an art journal, junk journal etc. So moving forward through this challenge my plan is to share with you how I used Jane's Butterfly Effect Book to accomplish my challenge and how the different products in her line hold up to the challenge.

I created a cover for my BE (Butterfly Effect) insert using the Planner Squad Challenge image and a little personalization

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