Wednesday, October 7, 2015

All New Quarterly Crop Retreat

Come join the fun
at the all new quarterly
Crop Retreat

What is a Crop Retreat?: A crop retreat is a full 8 hour day of cropping away from distracting influences (kids, animals, husbands, should do list, cars, sirens). It is done on a quarterly basis (every 3 months). Available to you is space to work on your current project, lunch and snacks, optional movie or music, electrical outlets at each table, die cutting area and a seasoned instructor (ME) as well as optional projects, prizes, give aways, FREEbies. Essentially its a Retreat for less $ out of pocket over a full year.

When does the crop retreat begin?: Our first crop retreat is Sat., Jan., 9th, 2016  

What Time: 9am to 5pm

Location: Outskirts of Tucson (in pima county, 35-40 min drive from center of Tucson) details when you commit!

Cost of each Crop Retreat: $40 in product purchases (before tax and shipping) from *(Reminder will have a direct link for the Crop Retreat orders)
Orders are placed 2 weeks prior to each retreat date.
  ~> so this is a $160 commitment over a full year (and you get to keep all the product you purchase) This is a lot less than the $175 - $200+ for a 3-4 day retreat

How do I RSVP to hold my space: You email me at letting me know you are committed to joining. I will send you via email a commitment form to fill out and get back to me. Once your commitment form has been turned back in you will be invited to the FaceBook Crop Retreat group page (closed group)*. From here we can share with each other, I can send reminders and participate in fun stuff between our Crop Retreats. *Please Note: you do not need to join the FaceBook Crop Retreat group to join the Crop Retreat

When do I need to pay for my first Crop Retreat Order?: Dec 20th – 26th, 2015 (via link)

When do I get my order: You pick it up the day of the Crop Retreat. (we can make arrangements if you are unable to attend a specific date)

Crop Retreat dates/Order Period Dates:  (1st) Sat, Jan 9th, 2016 / Dec 20th - 26th 2015 ( 2nd) Sat, April 2nd, 2016 / March 13th - 19th 2016  (3rd) *Sat, July 16th, 2016 / June 26th - July 2nd 2016 (4th) *Sat, Oct 8th, 2016 / Sept 18th - 24th 2016  *(subject to change with 30 days’ notice)   ~> if you are unable to attend a date you are still required to fulfill your quarterly $40 purchase, however all your goodies from the event will be saved for you.

What if I can't finish out the year: You have two options 1.) you can purchase your $40 order when the reminder comes out (all goodies will be saved for you) or 2.) you can find someone to fill your space.

Additional Perks: 

1.) Each retreat will have a FREE make n’ take item. During the current retreat you will vote from options for the next retreats FREE make n’ take.

2.) Each meeting there will be a variety of additional OPTIONAL projects/classes available ranging in prices from $3 to $25 (cash @ time of retreat)

3.) Lots of give aways and prizes

4.) Free Catalog and Seasonal Expression

5.) New supplies available for sale if you forget something & open Yard-sale table to sell items you no longer want or if you want to purchase from others.

6.) OPTIONAL swaps from quarter to quarter

7.) Less expensive than traditional retreats ($175+ for a 3-4 day weekend) and no product to take home for that)

When do I have to send in my Commitment Form?: Commitment forms need to be in no later than December 1, 2015. You can email it, mail it or attach it to a private text message.

ONLY 10 spaces available, invite your friends before spots are filled for the year.

Come make new friends and join the fun!

and email it into me.

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