Thursday, September 15, 2016

It's All in Your Perspective

Totally inspired by my friend MB who is on a social media hiatus, and who I think is off her rocker for doing something so silly. However, she is rockin' it old school and loving life off grid so much so, that she has actually removed all social media (SM) off her phone (except texting). This literally has nothing to do with paper crafting or stamping. However, it definitely has to do with creativity and has a bit of mixed media to it...not in inspiration but in how I choose to see my thought process through.

This goes out to all my vertically challenged (is that PC?) friends/family. You maybe closer to the ground than me but let me tell you, your view is enlightening. Your humor is up lifting. Your love keeps me going. I count you all as my favorite people....well, in all honesty I'd have to because you are over 3/4's of my family...yes its true I come from a short family...but a short Italian family...and it makes all the difference in the world. Short and Italian is like the best of the best.

The image I created came after a conversation I had with MB about the love of driving pick-up trucks. She was telling me about how much she loves feeling on top of the world and for a short person it was important to feel that way at least in one area of one's life. It really got me thinking about it. Things like what am I missing by "not" being short? So, I went to google memes about it to make her laugh and all I got was short girl problems and disadvantages. Now while some of them were wicked funny, like..... 


...but, some were downright horrid.

I was left feeling like I had to turn this injustice around. If not for MB than for my friends and family. 

or then again maybe it was because of the parking incident I had an hour after my conversation with MB? I had to park my Ford F250 Lariat King Cab truck in a compact car spot (well it was the only spot left available) for a 5 min run in and the only way I could make it work was to put her into reverse and back her in. I freaked out the guy sitting in the van parked crooked next to me and I'm sure the bush behind me got a bit toasty and heated by the exhaust...but it was aces if I do say so myself. Hey I even got a thumbs up by the little elderly lady sitting outside sipping her coffee and a wink from the guy  walking back to his car. All I'm saying is, It's All in Your Perspective so lets focus on a positive perspective and uplift everyone around us. 

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