Monday, September 12, 2016

The Journaling Prompt and your Scrapertunities!

Those of you who have been following Nina's Art Spot on the Facebook page know all about the Journaling Prompts that I post every Tuesday. I have gotten a lot of PM's (private messages) asking many questions about them and how they pertain to scrapbooking. In our last Journaling 101 ~ Stuck for Content? post I explained all about the journaling prompt and how it can be utilized to generate ideas, in site into yourself and your environment. However, I think many still aren't seeing how this can be utilized as mini Scrapertunities. So I'm going to show you. 

Whats In My Purse page from my book all about me

Many years ago I was asked at a party as part of a game what items were in my purse.  It dawned on me while playing that game I'd have loved to know what my Mom carried with her in her purse. Since I had my daughters mini digital camera in my purse I decided to take a picture of all the items dumped onto the floor. It was that moment all those years ago (actual date unknown because I never dated it) that I started my Scrapbook. You see each of my kids have their own baby album that I've scrapbooked. I had tons of events scrapbooked about our lives. However, I failed to scrapbook anything about who I was/am for my children/family to ever know the inner workings of me! Goodness knows most of those photos either don't have me in them or they are really bad pictures of me. Hence the book all about me was started. Now I can't say I didn't have some help along the way. I don't remember if I bought the book or if it was given to me by one of my scrapbooking friends, but its a gem. 

The Book of Me by Angie Pedersen

Things I have learned along the way are simple. You MUST date each time you write in your Journaling Prompt planner and each time you turn your Journaling Prompt into a Scrapertunity. Some of the best Journaling Prompts happen kind of spontaneously, just like that day when I dumped my purse out on the floor. Take some pictures of yourself...yes a selfie if you will. This gives you the opportunity to oversee the quality of the YOU IMAGE and your children/family members will eventually get to see a side of you they haven't, the YOU side.

Tip: Use SnapChat face morph as a method to take fun pictures of YOU. Also SnapChat face morph seems to make me look less droopy and "old". Its great! Take the SnapChat pic then screen shoot it and delete the image before posting. It never goes viral and you get the picture! 

Ok so lets take an actual prompt from the Facebook Page and put it into action. June 12, 2016 the Journaling Prompt was...

My Original Journaling: "The best advice I got was from my Dad. He told me that if I wanted to be a good cook the most important ingredient I needed to remember to include was my love. This taught me the importance of loving what you do. My Dad was a wonderful artist. He made incredible pieces of woodwork. Wood was his medium. His second medium was food. He was a wonderful teacher and a wonderful Dad."

"Birdy" my Journaling Prompt Journal

Now thinking about my Dad makes me sad because he has passed and I miss him so very much. When I wrote this it was because I have a  kids cookbook he gave me when I was about 6 or 7 years old. He inscribed the cookbook for me and I still have that cookbook. The cover has long ripped off but I've saved it. I think its time to turn this Journaling Prompt into a Scrapertunity and preserve a wonderful gift, an incredible sentiment and a lasting lesson. This is creating a lasting legacy at its finest!

Tip: Go small if big is overwhelming. Most of my family scrapbooks are done at the standard 12" x 12" size and at least 2 page spreads. My books all about me are 9" x 9" in size and usually only 1 page.

So I will now create a 9" x 9" Single page scrapbook page for my book all about me. I will use a copy of the inscription to replace an actual photo. I could possibly also add a photo of my Dad in the page. I will also include the journaling from my Journaling Prompt Journal along with the date I wrote the original journaling. 

If you are interested in the Journaling 101 in video format please keep an eye out for the Journaling 101 YouTube video that will be posted in the coming weeks.

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