Thursday, July 28, 2016

Do you know what you are missing?

Nina's Art Spot is quite OUT THERE on social media. However, I don't necessarily offer it all on all platforms. So you maybe missing something you don't want to be missing. I thought you should know what I offer and where. This way you can make an informed decision on where you want to be getting Nina's Art Spot!

So as you know the Blog has the Full Article where as the Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest may have the brief version. The Blog will have any FREE Printables. Those will never be offered on the other forms of media. I generally show some samples of artwork in multiple places but again the Blog usually has the full article to accompany it. That full article may also have a FREE printable of the full workshop including cutting diagrams etc. that go with it! 

but if that is all you are getting of Nina's Art Spot...this is what you are missing:

  • Etsy coupon codes and specials
  • CTMH store specials and coupon codes
  • Weekly countdowns to the Creating Days until Christmas
  • Planner Information
  • Personal Updates
  • and more
  • Impromptu scopes on planning and planner finds
  • artwork can do's
  • Shopping enabler alerts
  • Shopping markdown alerts
  • cooking snafu's and impromptu's
  • lots of fun
  • I generally scope 1x a month maybe a bit more
on YouTube ~ Nina's Art Spot you will find
  • Project how to video's
  • Subscriber Channel
  • Eventually there will be technique how to video's
  • and more coming soon
  • Craft Idea Board
  • Paper Arts Board
  • Fine Art Board
  • Holiday Idea Board
  • Scrapbooking Board
  • CardMaking Board
  • Washi Idea Board
  • and more
  • Highlights of a variety of whats happening on the Nina's Art Spot Instagram and Facebook Page
The Stores

I have two stores. 
The first is the Close to my Heart store where I sell New and current Close to my Heart products. These are scrapbooking, cardmaking and all around crafting products. I choose to represent Close to my Heart because I can stand by their fine quality and choose to primarily use their products in my own fine artwork. There is a link directly from the blog home page to this store.

My Close to my Heart store is

The second is the Etsy store where I sell Gently used and retired Close to my Heart products and handmade items. I also on my Etsy store sell my Mixed media pieces of custom artwork. There is a link directly from the blog home page to this store as well.

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