Monday, August 1, 2016

"Well Hello Beautiful...."

Every year in August the new Annual Inspirations comes out. This as you may or may not know is Close to my Heart's annual idea book and catalog. It is chocked full of ideas, new and fun products and many inspiring projects. Just seeing that front cover when it finally comes out always brings out that statement for me..."well hello beautiful" and then I can't wait to get my hands on it.

For me its a ritual. I first write my name on the cover with the words Master and the Year. I then create a Key on the first page. Yellow highlighter is always HAVE and blue highlighter is always NEED. Because I'm a consultant the lines of want and need are very much blurred. Upon that initial peruse through that blue highlighter focuses on "all the things" I must have...the wants. As I look back through my "OLD AI" (Annual Inspiration from last year) I see I've added items I feel I need to expose my customers to, have been asked to demonstrate or I've discovered a new use for. That darn old blue highlighter seems to grow and many turn green as time moves along through the year. Green on the key are those items I wanted but then purchased and are now haves...because blue plus yellow does make green. 😉 Once this ritual has been complete I then trek to the nearest copy center and have my binding cut off and have the entire thing spiral bound with a clear plastic front cover and a black plastic back cover. It is now ready to survive the onslaught of the new Close to my Heart year and I and filled with a sense of satisfaction. Temporary satisfaction but satisfaction all the same. 

So how can you get yours you may ask? There are multiple ways you can get yours. 

  1.  You can purchase an Annual Inspirations. The item number is WC1171 for $6 by either clicking on the CTMH store tab from the blog or click HERE and join the current online order and place your order.
  2. You can host a Facebook online gathering and get your Annual Inspiration FREE. Contact me at for details.
So lets peek at some of the awesome NEW items in the 2016~2017 Annual Inspirations. 

Welcome to a NEW thing called the 
Color of the Year

The color of the year is available for this Annual Inspirations only, this trendy color comes in a variety of products. Such as Ink Pad, Re-Inker, Mini Pigment Pad...just to name a few.

Can you guess what the AI 2016~2017 Color of the Year is?

  1. Dandy Essentials Acrylic Stamp Set ~ M1151
  2. Sea Glass Mini Pigment Pad ~ Z2507
  3. White Daisy Cardstock ~ 1385
  4. Sea Glass Glitter Cardstock ~ Z3240
  5. Raspberry Cardstock ~ X5788
  6. Hello & Thanks Thin Cuts ~ Z3259

This year's color is....... 
Sea Glass

Welcome to the NEW ADVENTURE line up

New on the ADVENTURE scene is Pansy, Emerald, Willow, Lemon, Tangerine, Blossom and Raspberry. Bright and bold they are welcomed new friends to come play. Having new ink color friends means an update on an old friend. The CTMH Exclusive Ink Chart needed a revamp. Here it is and see even mine needs some of our new friends to be added. 

Stay tuned here for more breaking news on whats NEW from the AI all August long. 

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