Monday, August 15, 2016

Crafted with Love Christmas Countdown Continued's been three weeks since we last conversed about getting organized, getting creating and working our way towards Christmas prepared with what we have planned for heartfelt handmade gifts.

Have you made your list of whom you will gift? I have but knowing how busy these coming months are for me and my family I have decided not to make the usual 30 gift boxes this year and have drastically paired down my list to half of it's original size. I hate being realistic when it comes to creating but I know I want to be 100% involved in my gift making and 100% successful in completing everything I've set out to complete. Every year we give gift boxes to our family and friends full of handmade goodies. Last year I canned 30 jars of spiced peach butter and baked over 25 dozen (yes you read that correctly) cookies. I made 150 handcrafted Christmas cards and created a handmade ornament to top off all the boxes. 

Now the real work begins. Its time to calculate the remaining time left until Christmas (132 days) with how long it will realistically take to finish the decided project(s). For my project I have lots of experience with timing. I will use it as an example on how to calculate the time. I know it usually takes me 2 months to make 150 Christmas cards. So I need to start those in October. I've already decided on the design and what supplies I will need and I plan to place the order September 1st. Over the years of doing these gift boxes I have set aside the tried and true recipes for the baked goods. I need to in the next 2 weeks choose what recipes I will be making this year and make a list of the grocery items I need to prepare. I premix those recipes that the dough can be frozen. Usually I will get that done by mid November. I still need to decide how I will be packing the gift boxes. 

What are the breakdowns for your project? What needs to be accomplished first? How much time do you need to get each breakdown finished? 

TIP: Document your progress and turn it into a scrapbooking opportunity. Just another Journaling Prompt Scrapertunity!

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